Summer Stem Academy

Intended for participants who have beginner to intermediate level playing experience and are interested in academic support during the summer. The curriculum includes: STEM education, literacy instruction, coding, tutoring, golf instruction, certification classes, field trips, FUN activities, golf lessons and MUCH MORE!!!! Participants will receive opportunities to engage in educational planning workshops, standardized test preparation, educational/recreational field trips, and individualized academic preparation.



Building on last year’s success, First Tee of Metropolitan New York is offering a 6-week summer academic and golf program that provides participants with a fun and immersive way to study golf through the perspective of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Our summer academic programs were created with intentional connections to National Common Core Standards, as well as 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.


The current demand of STEM jobs in America greatly outweighs the supply of capable workers, and it is up to our generation of teachers and students to close that gap.


For the second year in a row, we also offered our First Tee MetNY Summer Literacy Program, to combat the infamous “Summer Slide,” when children’s reading scores tend to decline by several points, due to two months off from school.

  • Utilized Lexia Learning online resource tool to provide instant data retrieval to determine reading and writing levels of participants.
  • Develop a repertoire of strategies for reading, writing, and retrieving information.
  • Learn through a variety of contexts.
  • Compose pieces through writing and speaking.
  • Enhance excitement for reading, writing, and learning.


2017 was the first year we included a computer programming curriculum in the summer program. Khan Academy’s Javascript is an interactive coding engine with videos and interactive spinoffs. It comprises 105 levels, from drawing basics to object-oriented design, all facilitating an ever-advancing understanding of computer programming language and processes. Through completion of these levels, students mastered programming concepts that apply to all computer science applications, such as game creation, web development, and geometrical modeling.

The overwhelming majority of our participants had no previous experience with computer programming, yet quickly became engaged with mastering challenges. On average, students who attended the entire seven-week summer program successfully completed 62% of the programming levels. Students who attended between two and six weeks completed, on average, 39% of the programming levels. Students who attended for only one week successfully completed about 14% of the programming levels.

Testimonials and Feedback from Participants

“It’s been totally worth the trip up to Mosholu from Harlem for this camp and experience the outdoors for my children and me. Charles has had a wonderful time and is looking forward to next year. Thanks for organizing a great summer program.” Parent of Charles Doyle, 8 y.o.

“Xylia just loves the program. She loved the coaches and made a lot of new friends.” Grandmother of Xylia Alleyne, 8 y.o.

“Dezya loves golf now. It’s a really great program and so convenient for our family.” Mother of Dezya Jackson, 7 y.o.