The First Tee of Metropolitan New York created the Path to College program to provide participants of The First Tee with the critical tools and skills they need to prepare for college.  Through educational seminars, workshops, college visits, and one-on-one tutorials, the objective is to provide every participant and their parents with the access and information they need to successfully navigate both the college application process and life after college.

PROGRAM REGISTRATIOn – Path to college & ace scholars

The First Tee of Metropolitan New York, located at Mosholu Golf Course, offers three educational programs:

  1. Individual Tutoring

Our Individual Tutoring Program offers tutoring services in all subjects for 2nd-12th grade, by trained professionals. Costs are based on a sliding-fee scale. We offer SAT prep classes in the spring and fall.

  1. The ACE Scholars Program

The ACE Scholars Program is aimed specifically at middle school students who show commitment to The First Tee and their academics, and are interested in gaining admission to NYC’s top high schools. Participants engage in 10 weeks (30 hours) of intensive study per session, from 6th grade through 8th grade. Enrollment is extremely competitive. Contact Karen LesPierre for more information.

  1. Summer STEM Academy and Literacy Program

The First Tee of Metropolitan New York offers a summer academic and golf program that provides participants with a fun and immersive way to study golf through the perspective of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Our summer academic curricula were created with intentional connections to National Common Core Standards, as well as 21st Century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.


  • Participants increased their knowledge of the college application process
  • Participants demonstrated an understanding of what is required to succeed in the workplace
  • Several college and career seminars were held, including college and university visits
  • Worked with Young Benefactors to provide college career panel
  • Participating families were provided with educational counseling sessions
  • Grades 2-12
  • Middle school, high school, and college consultations
  • Prep for Prep nominations
  • Posse Foundation nominations
  • Sliding Scale Fee
  • Personalized tutoring with trained professional
  • College planning workshops
  • College application assistance
  • Scholarship nominations-NYU Lew Rudin Scholarship
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Facilities saw an increase in participants who enjoyed reading more
  • Improvement in grades
  • Increase in SAT scores
Summer SteM Academy
  • Five hours of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)-based instruction per week
  • Five hours of literacy-based instruction per week
  • Five hours of computer programming (coding)
  • 20 hours of golf instruction per week
  • STEM-themed field trips
  • 5 First Tee participants as paid interns
  • Scholarships awarded based on financial need
  • 100% scholarship coverage of costs in many cases
  • 34% – participants’ average gain in Reading and Writing skills
  • 59% – participants’ average gain in STEM skills
ACE Scholars Program
  • In 2018, there were 25 participants in the spring, 23 in the fall
  • Students demonstrated increased knowledge in types of high schools
  • 100% of students improved their vocabulary scores
  • Curriculum based on high school knowledge and application process
  • High school application assistance and consultations
  • Personalized tutoring
  • Cohort bonding
  • Visit to Princeton University
  • All graduating 8th graders were accepted into competitive high schools

What Participants Had to Say About First Tee’s Educational Programs…

“My grades are much better than last year. Last year I could barely keep up and was barely passing. Now I have an A- average.” – Emilia, 14

“I learned to be respectful to others and be a good person.” – Isaiah, 14

“I have been focusing more this year and I am considered the best clarinetist in the school.” – Olivia, 13

“I made an A in Philosophy, which used to be my worst class.” – Shane, 12

“ My grades are better than last year in all of my classes.” – Austin, 12

“I improved my vocabulary and learned more about high schools. At home, I do more chores.” – Emma B., 12

“I am accepted here. I have tutors that help me on everything. “ -Emma S.

“I am making lots of friends [at ACE Scholars] and having friends that support me.” – Jaylon, 12

“Elinor just finished her SAT Prep class with Danielle tonight and I wanted to let you know how impressed Elinor was with her. She felt that Danielle went into the subject with much greater detail, so I thought you might like to have some feedback.” – Parent